How to Stretch Leather


Leather is a material that will naturally stretch over time, but sometimes you want to quicken that process. Whether you want to stretch out your leather shoes, jacket, or accessory, there are several strategies you can follow. There are many ways you can stretch leather, from using a hairdryer to heat up the leather to applying alcohol to areas you’d like to stretch out. You can even use a stretching spray to achieve the perfect stretch. By choosing a tactic that works with your leather item, you’ll be stretching out your leather in no time.

Weigh down leather straps or accessories to stretch them. Stretch out pieces of leather by first attaching one end of the leather to a stable source. This could be a table, chair, shelf — anything that you can clamp the leather onto. Weigh down the opposing end of the leather using a rock, can, or other heavy source. Weighing down one end of the leather will help it stretch out faster.

Stuff leather accessories to stretch them out. If you have a wallet, coin purse, bag, or other accessory that needs stretching, try stuffing it. Use a material such as paper or cloth, making sure the material won’t damage the leather by being too rough. Fill your leather accessory with the material so that it’s as full as you would like. How long you let the item stretch will depend on its size and your personal preference.

This method will work even better if you get the material slightly wet before stuffing the leather.

Stretching leather apparel by wearing the item around the house. Leather stretches out naturally when it’s being used, so by simply wearing your leather pants, jacket, or skirt around the house, it will begin to stretch. Shoes can also be stretched out by walking around in them, though it may lead to some blisters.

This isn’t a quick method for stretching leather — stretching it naturally by wearing your leather around is going to take days or weeks, depending on your end goal.

Wear your leather for 2 or more hours a day, and be sure to move around while you’re wearing it. The more you wear your leather, the faster it will stretch.Apply a leather stretching spray before stuffing the leather for it to stretch out even faster. These sprays can be found at a shoe or big-box store, as well as online.You can stretch a leather jacket or pants by weighing down the arms or legs of the article of clothing. Attach the clothing to a strong hanger at the top.



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